[MV] O.O.O - 거짓말 (Believe my lies)
O.O.O - 거짓말 (Believe my lies) (EP 'HOME' Title track)

'Believe my lies' music video for 1st EP [HOME] of band O.O.O is now opened.
Released on 2016.1.25

Directed by SideKicks (IndieToGo)
Cast 이태일 남상원 김건우 장한나

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[ EP 'HOME' Track List ]
1. 아침 a.m.
2. 거짓말 Believe my lies *Title
3. 눈이 마주쳤을 때 (1, 2, 3, 4)
4. 잔 Zonk
5. 모래 Gold dust ▶Official Audio :
6. 소녀와 개 The girl and her dong (CD only)

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